Gateway Press

Gateway Press is a commercial screen printing company that was established by Walt Markus in 1981. We have in house Graphic Artists and all the printing facilities to do Bumper Sticker, Signs, Decals, Metals and other substrates. Along with our “Flat Bed” printing equipment we also do Textile printing and Offset paper stock printing. We have in house Full Digital Format capabilities with our 54″ Cam Jet and our 54″ Echo-Sol Jet printer.

We occupy a 9000 square foot facility and employ 10 people. We are located in the little town of Murphys, California in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and one hour east of Stockton. We ship from the West Coast to the East Coast and Hawaii. We even ship to OUTER SPACE (via Astronaut Kalpana Chawla a custom flag she took with her on the Space Shuttle Mission Sts-87 in 1996.)

It’s extremely important to us that our clients know whom they’re doing business with. Once you take the time to find out what we’re all about, we’re confident you’ll like what you see.

Brice Station Winery

During the late 1800s Brice Station was a popular stage stop on the way to Calaveras Big Trees. In 1993 the first vines were planted at Brice Station on the family ranch by Stuart Mast, a fifth generation California farmer and Dolores Quyle Mast. Guided by sustainable agricultural methods, the highest vineyard in the Sierra Nevada thrives in the mountain air and sunshine at an altitude of 3,300 ft.

Brice Station produces wines of exceptional color and full flavor that are influenced by a climate reminiscent of the Napa and Bordeaux regions having in common a long summer pulse of warm days and cool nights.

A visit to the ranch today finds a tribute to the creativity of the Quyle family, featuring the rustic Brice Station Vintners tasting room, the Quyle pottery shop, the carefully tended Dolores Quyle Mast vineyards, and an assortment of sheep, geese, horses, and llamas. If you look around you will also discover several antique printing presses, as well as a blacksmith shop where Paul Quyle teaches one Saturday a month.

Poulson Studio

Master Craftsmen William Poulson and Bobbette Budworth design and produce exquisite examples of fine art, stained glass murals,  panels, screens, domes, and hand crafted wood furniture that reflect the beauty of the natural form – all appropriate for the finest interior environments.  This is the place where you can commission custom pieces to be produced by world class craftsmen and artists to enhance your home or office.  Pictures say more than words, so browse our site and enjoy.

Most of the pieces you will see have been produced on commission-custom work produced in partnership with a client and their specific desires.  You may use them to inspire your own consigned piece.  Others have been produced on spec and are for sale at our studio.

Calaveras Gold with Ken Jones @W.Poulson Glass Studio

Located off Hwy 4, In Cedar Center

• Fused Glass
• Asian Influenced Hand Crafted Wood Furniture
• Stained Glass Murals & Panels (2 & 3 panel folding screens)
• Natural Slab Tables & Counter Tops
• Functional glass art serving platters, plates, coasters, Sushi Trays
• Fused Glass jewelry & wall art
• Custom Kiln Formed Table Lamps

The Logging Museum

The museum building and its exhibits formally opened in 2005 after a decade of organizing, planning, fund raising, and construction. Today, the 2400-square foot building is open Thursday through Sunday, 12:00 to 4:00 every week from Spring to the end of Fall, with free entry for the public.

White Pines’ history is still here. The mill is gone, of course, but the ball field sits where the mill was. If you explore around the field, you’ll see that the the old mill pond, now overgrown, is still there. The mill offices are now the Moose Lodge. The old school is now part of Independence Hall, and a new school, named for Miss Hazel Fischer, is teaching today’s kids. The lake that was to be surrounded by condominiums is beautiful White Pines Lake. And on a hillside looking over White Pines Lake and the old mill site, is the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum, preserving the history of loggers and logging for all those with a love of history.