Poulson Studio

Master Craftsmen William Poulson and Bobbette Budworth design and produce exquisite examples of fine art, stained glass murals,  panels, screens, domes, and hand crafted wood furniture that reflect the beauty of the natural form – all appropriate for the finest interior environments.  This is the place where you can commission custom pieces to be produced by world class craftsmen and artists to enhance your home or office.  Pictures say more than words, so browse our site and enjoy.

Most of the pieces you will see have been produced on commission-custom work produced in partnership with a client and their specific desires.  You may use them to inspire your own consigned piece.  Others have been produced on spec and are for sale at our studio.

Calaveras Gold with Ken Jones @W.Poulson Glass Studio

Located off Hwy 4, In Cedar Center

• Fused Glass
• Asian Influenced Hand Crafted Wood Furniture
• Stained Glass Murals & Panels (2 & 3 panel folding screens)
• Natural Slab Tables & Counter Tops
• Functional glass art serving platters, plates, coasters, Sushi Trays
• Fused Glass jewelry & wall art
• Custom Kiln Formed Table Lamps

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