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Green Frog Soap Works has opened a store in Arnold, California

Our Grand Opening was on Saturday July 7th 2018.

It’s located at 1013 Hwy 4 in downtown Arnold. The hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mondays will be open on the Holiday weekends.

916-690-1304 if you have any questions.


Healthy Soap for a Healthy You!

Acupuncture Wellness of Calaveras

Serving Calaveras & Tuolumne Counties in the Mother Lode

Tuesdays In Arnold:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays In Angels Camp:
Also featuring Jeff Schroeder, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

“Tuesdays in Arnold!”Richard Weissman will be at Sierra Skin Care on Tuesdays.Located in the Grizzly Plaza, 2704 Highway 4 in Arnold. 

Call Acupuncture Wellness for a free consult: 209-736-9484

Richard A. Weissman has treated over 6,000 patients in 21 years. While mostly private practice,18 years in the East Bay included 6 years Kaiser Permanente Mt. Diablo Service Area, 8 years Hills Physicians Medical Group, and over 200 Workers Compensation cases. 
Our Angels Camp office opened in May, 2014. We are in-network providers for Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Healthcare, MultiPlan, Workers Compensation, and others. We offer free comprehensive evaluations. The most common health issues we treat are chronic and acute pain, spine and joint issues, allergies, digestive and immune issues, anxiety and depression, woman’s issues, fatigue, stress issues and more.

Richard’s history includes teaching various classes at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, writing their Clinic Manual and teaching an elective class on Chinese Medicine at two medical schools. He has followed several Chinese Medicine professors from school, and studied Qi Gong from Dr. Suzanne Friedman. Richard took several years of classes in orthopedics and osteopathy from Dr. Alon Marcus and Dr. Fred Lerner. He followed an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Taylor at the Summit Professional Building (Summit Hospital), who also referred him Workers Compensation cases. At Kaiser he worked with chronic pain, spine, and received referrals from neurology, rheumatology, internal medicine, GYN and oncology. He was invited to the quarterly meeting of Hill Physicians making a presentation to the MDs, and wrote for their quarterly magazine. In the East Bay he wrote monthly health articles for the Community Focus magazine. Now in the Motherlode, Richard receives Workers Compensation referrals from Northern California Spine and Job Care. Richard has also received referrals of difficult cases from several Motherlode medical doctors, and some of the doctors have even become patients!

acupuncture1Acupuncture is…Acupuncture is the best known part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our other therapies include herbal formulas, nutrition, and breathing/meditation exercises. We always treat on two levels: primary is your complaint(s), and the other is the eastern energy diagnosis that has thousands of years experience and works effectively. This approach gets the fastest, most complete and most long-lasting results.

acupuncture2New to Acupuncture?… By choosing acupuncture, you’ve taken a great step toward a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. The ancient practices of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have helped millions of people regain and maintain their health. Since this system of healthcare may be different than other care you’ve received, it’s only natural to have questions. Read on to find out what to expect and how to get the most out of your treatments.

herbs1Herbal Formulas…Traditional Chinese Medicine offers an extremely valuable, rich, lengthy, and extensive herbal treatment history. Within it are thousands of years of development and research which we benefit from greatly today. As opposed to some forms of herbalism and western medicine, Chinese herbs are used in formulas based on diagnosis instead of being singularly for a symptom.

Call Acupuncture Wellness for a free consult: 209-736-9484

Little Trees Wellness

Medical Dispensary

All patients get a Member Card loaded with special discounts! Fill up your card for 10% off your whole order, then get a new one to start over!

Proudly carrying the best selection of no-compromise, top shelf indoor flowers in the county, Little Trees is your source for the very best meds. With over 40 strains to choose from at 7 price levels, we have something for every patient!

Open 7 Days a Week: 11am – 7pm

St. Joseph’s Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit fundraising organization created by a caring community to help support its local hospital.  In 1982, a concerned and dedicated Calaveras County community recognized the need and started organizing the first Hospital Foundation. In 1984, it became a reality and within two years, the Foundation raised $92,000 to purchase and install the first mammography equipment in Calaveras County.  Since then, the Foundation has been instrumental in acquiring various equipment, updating patient care rooms, and donating $1 million dollars to the MTSJH Building Fund.