The Logging Museum

The museum building and its exhibits formally opened in 2005 after a decade of organizing, planning, fund raising, and construction. Today, the 2400-square foot building is open Thursday through Sunday, 12:00 to 4:00 every week from Spring to the end of Fall, with free entry for the public.

White Pines’ history is still here. The mill is gone, of course, but the ball field sits where the mill was. If you explore around the field, you’ll see that the the old mill pond, now overgrown, is still there. The mill offices are now the Moose Lodge. The old school is now part of Independence Hall, and a new school, named for Miss Hazel Fischer, is teaching today’s kids. The lake that was to be surrounded by condominiums is beautiful White Pines Lake. And on a hillside looking over White Pines Lake and the old mill site, is the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum, preserving the history of loggers and logging for all those with a love of history.