Timeless Home Gallery LLC

New Biz Card 2016
We are forever evolving:  “Timeless Home Gallery LLC”.
More artists, more locally crafted items.
Please stop in and see our Gallery.
Cameo Plaza, 1004 Hwy 4, Arnold, CA
Elegant, Beautiful, Classy, and more…Local Artists & Craftsman.  Everything to compliment your home decor.

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 AM-4PM
         & Sunday 11AM-3PM
We are providing a unique experience for our community to connect with local artisans. producing timeless, functional and artful home décor is our passion.
Offering Custom Items:
Fused Glass Art, Paintings, Pottery, Photography, Woodworking, Vintage Decor & Interior Design.

Framed & unframed, Photos, Paintings, prints & more. Heirloom furniture made from local woods.  Re purposed items. Re purposed furniture.  Water tank redwood, Redwood Furniture, Wine Racks, Wine barrel Furniture, Custom orders, on furniture, frames, glass art, pottery, wall hangings, wall art, gifts, outdoor furniture, patio furniture, hardwood flooring, mantels, slabs and more. Fused glass art; This dynamic glass medium allows the creation of functional art ranging from jewelry, dishes and platters to screens and murals.  This is art you can wear, serve from, display, or use to set the tone of a room. Functional Pottery: Unique, handmade, high fired ceramics, Raku and Saggar Fired Pots. Dishware, vases, plates, jewelry, table toppings, wall hangings, cushions, chairs, benches, tables, dining tables, patio tables, bistro tables, game tables, coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables, bar stools, candles, mirrors, vanity’s, hardwood flooring, mantels.  One of a kind wood flooring, only in Arnold, CA.  Quarter Sawn Oak, from a tree that fell on Highway 4 in the winter of 2010.   Big Leaf Maple, White Fir, Doug Fir, Cedar, Poplar, Walnut, Ash, Alder, Pine., lBlue Stain Pine….Local, quality hardwood flooring. Vintage & Rustic Cabin Decor, Unique Up-cycled Items, Interior Design & Home Organization Services. Custom signs, hand painted Signs and Paintings.