Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods


Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods

Full Line Sporting Goods Store Since 1967

“I’m living my DREAM!” claims Bill Reynolds, owner of Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods, a landmark store in Arnold since 1967. Bill and his wife Sharon took possession of the store in 2006, previously owned by Marla Allison. Marla bought the store in 1987 and has been building it up from a little hole-in-the-wall shop for 19 years.

Bill started his career at the age of 17 working for Longs. “I’ve always loved sporting goods” he says, “what guy doesn’t?” He went to work as a field rep after leaving Longs and worked for distributors for a while, then became a factory rep for several major brands including Daisy, Seagaur, Regent, and several major fishing equipment manufacturers. Bill and Sharon owned and operated their own sales company for a few years and then he became General Manager at Smalley’s Wholesale, a distributor based in Oakdale. Bill and Marla have known each other for about 15 years since she purchased many of her goods through the various wholesalers that Bill worked for.

The Reynolds have been yearning to get out of the valley for a long time and now live in Angels Camp. Born and raised in Modesto, Bill has seen the city grow from a sleepy little town,home of ‘American Graffiti’, to a busy and bustling burb. “I’m just a small town guy that cherishes family values, honesty and good morals. I couldn’t take it any more.” says Bill. They have three children.  “I honestly attribute all my success to my wife. She’s my best friend, teammate and partner. I really want to do this ’til I die. I’ve always wanted to own my own sporting goods store and now I’m really living my dream!” says Bill.

 Fishing Tackle  Bait  • Fly Fishing Poles  Hunting Apparel  Guns

Ammunition  • Winter & Summer Apparel & sandals, boots & shoes  • Skis & Poles  • Snowboards  • Sleds  • Camping   Gear Boats & accessories   • Mining Gear  • Archery Supplies  • Darts  • Tennis Rackets  • Hiking Supplies  • Firewood  • Fuel  • Backpacks  • Foam Mattresses  •Targets

Top Brands…Abu Garcia, Acme, Berkeley, Daiwa, Eagle Claw, Martin, Okuma, Penn, Shakespeare, Shimano, Zebco & many more!