Better Altitude Properties

Life is Better When You Adopt a New Altitude

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Let’s take some time. Time to discover how owning a home in Calaveras County will change more than your location. When we take the time to listen — to get to know you — together we uncover what connects you to a better altitude. It’s a bond that begins with our initial meeting and continues long after we are old friends.

Our Client-first Philosophy

Real estate is about more than just buying and selling homes. It’s about making deeper connections with people; truly hearing people’s needs and helping them make the right personal decision. Our team understands the value of people above all else. We believe that if you treat people with respect, success will always follow. Helping people with their Real Estate needs is our passion and we are looking forward to helping you. We are committed to giving you a Better Real Estate experience.

Carmie Sanchez

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