Buchanan’s Wellness Boutique & Art Gallery

  • 1268 Oak Circle / PO Box 2647
  • Arnold, California 95223
  • Phone: (209) 795-2697
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Therapeutic Massage
Treatments by Rachael Dillon Buchanan, Certified Massage Therapist, who has been practicing since 1982.   Her modalities include:

• Swedish Circulatory Massage     • Integrative Massage     • Inversion Table
• Trigger Point Therapy                  • Myofascial Bodywork
• Deep Tissue Release                      • Sports Massage

30 minutes for $35  •  60 minutes for $60  •  75 minutes for $70.00  •  90 minutes for $80
Sessions include hot steam packs to spinal muscles, and low frequency Infratonic Sound wave for those troublesome areas.

Other Health Services
Rachael’s husband Larry Buchanan, who holds a doctorate in education, did extensive research to identify supplemental services, remedies and nutritional products now offered by the Wellness Boutique.

Infrared Sauna is available for detoxification, stress or pain relief and general health improvement.  The Wellness Boutique also offers Alkaline Water for detoxification, proper pH balance and general body health.

Wellness Products
• AlphaFlex for muscle and joint relief
• Bach Flower Remedies
• Bioavailable Ionic Minerals for best absorption by your body
• Red Pine Oil for bacterial, yeast, viral and parasitic infections
• Salts of the Earth, and more!

Art for the Soul
• Ceramics by Rachael
• Paintings by Peggy Huth