Barron Pest Management


Over 30 years experience in the pest and termite industry, Barron Pest Management has proudly served Calaveras County since the summer of 2015.

We offer WDI/WDO Inspections (pest/termite inspections) along with the treatments and repairs associated with the WDI/WDO Inspection findings. Real Estate professionals, homeowners or commercial property owners may contact us directly to schedule a WDI/WDO inspection. WDI/WDO includes but is not limited to subterranean termites, carpenter ants, surface fungus and dry rot.

We also offer pest control services for residential properties, for the control of most creepy crawlers and flying insects along with rodent eradication. Service Agreements are offered on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, or if requested, as a one time service call. (Green products offered upon request.)

Feel free to call/email with any questions, or about the services we offer.

Barron Pest Management is Owner/Operated, Licensed, Insured and Bonded in the State of California. CA Lic #7328, SPCB Opr. 11380.